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Who is SADAC?

Strathmore Africa Data Analytics Center (SADAC) is a professional services firm offering data driven corporate solutions in order to achieve a competitive advantage for our clients. We also offer individual and corporate trainings that equip our students with a practical and comprehensive understanding of the Data Science field.

Why Data Science for Businesses?

The increased application of Data Science across industries has proven that the skill is an insurmountable resource in running a business in the 21st century. Data Science enables a business to obtain actionable insight from their day-to-day activities thus enabling them to make informed strategic moves. Business implementing data-driven solutions have reported improved efficiency, enhanced profits and lower costs, spurred by the implementation of Data Science tools and algorithms.

We curate new pathways for research that enable African Businesses to harness the data revolution for the benefit of society.
To pioneer data-driven solutions for African businesses in order to foster development in Africa.
We aim to cultivate human capital in the fields of Research, Finance, Data Science and Business Journalism.
Data has a better Idea

Our Advisory Board

Dr. George Njenga
Dean, Strathmore Business School
Mrs. Rosemary Okello Orlale
Director - Africa Media Hub- Strathmore University Business School
Dr. Joseph Sevilla
Director - @iLabAfrica at Strathmore University
Mr. Ben Roberts
Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Liquid Telecom
Mr. Philip Tigo
Director for Africa at Thunderbird School of Global Management
Data has a better Idea

Our Management Team

Mr. Joseph Theuri
Lead Data Scientist
Mr. Michael Gichure
Lead Data Engineer
Natacha Ishema
Project Manager
Gillian Kimundi
Lead Business Intelligence Analyst
Our dedicated Team

Team Members

Dennis Ndungu
Data Scientist
Kelvin Bett
Data Engineer
Joseph Kahenya
Data Scientist
Michelle Njoki
Data Scientist
Martin Mutwiri
Data Engineer
Sharon Mutia
Data Scientist
Vanessa Murgor
Data Analyst